Barcode Printing Tips

Using the Barcoding System

#1. Printing your tags – Please purchase 65 lb. white card stock paper or heavier, you will use this for your tags. To Print: use an inkjet printer with a normal (not best quality) printout.  The barcode needs to appear crisp and clear.  Be sure your printer has been calibrated and set-up correctly.  Note: you can save your tags as a pdf file and print them anywhere.  Copy centers will also cut them for you for a minimal fee!  A great option if you do not have a reliable printer.


To ensure we are able to sell as many of your items as we can during peak times without making any errors or missing any items, it is very important that your tags are scannable. 

Great features of our sale like nightly sales updates and quick check delivery are dependent on scannable barcodes. 

The printed quality of your barcode is very important! Please print a page of 3 or 4 test tags to see how they look. Use a critical eye when checking the quality of the barcodes. 

If your barcodes look like this, you are good to go. 


If it looks like one of the barcodes below, realign your print cartridge and try again. Print tags using the NORMAL or DRAFT setting, not high quality – ink will be too dark!  


If it looks like this, replace your ink cartridge and align the new one.