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What is a Restock consignor?

  • A registered consignor who drops off their items during restock drop off times later in the week. Restock Drop off is on Monday, March 6: 10am – 7pm.
  • What’s the difference in a regular consignor and restock consignor? Nothing really! Your items are held or you bring your items a little later. We put out all restock items on Tuesday morning before the VIP presale AFTER the WeeTeam and Consignor Presales.
  • Restock Consignors have the same perks as a regular consignor including presale shopping passes and joining the WeeTeam!
  • Your sales will not suffer at all. Restock consignors sell the same % as regular consignors! There are no limits to restock consignors. They can consign the same number of items as regular consignors.
  • You still shop the presale!!! Presale passes will be available at the door for restock consignors that drop off after the presale.
  • Once we disable the regular tagging on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2022 @ 8:00am, the sale will enter it’s “restocking inventory period”.
  • Don’t worry…Restock consignors have NO DEADLINE! You can enter inventory anytime, even after the item entry deadline!

Regular Consignors can also become restock consignors.

Here is how it works:

  • If we have restock appointment still open, Regular Consignors that want to bring restock clothing are limited to boutique clothing only. There are no other restrictions on items.
  • After the system has been disabled for regular tagging, log into your consignor homepage and choose “Work with my consigned items” as normal.
  • You will be directed to the inventory area menu, choose the option to “work with restock inventory”.
  • On the restock inventory screen, ONLY restock items are shown, so the first time you access this screen there will be nothing there. All your other items that you already entered have been downloaded. They are NOT missing.
  • The restock inventory screen is very similar to the normal inventory entry screen and works in the exact same way.
  • When you are ready to print tags for the restock items, you do that in the exact same way.

A new printable inventory report will list only restock items.

  • Please note: We will be downloading your restocking inventory periodically. Once it is downloaded, you will not be able to edit those items.