Step 1: Register to Consign

Spring 2020 consignor registration will open Jan. 1st!

New Consignor Registration   Returning Consignor Registration

Your Paypal email and your consignor notification email MUST BE THE SAME! If you do not receive an email confirmation within 30 minutes, then  your registration may not have gone through correctly. Contact us ASAP if you don’t get your email! Please use your Paypal email for registration. That is how you get paid!

Consignor profit is 66% and the consignor fee is $15.00. This fee is nonrefundable, however; all consignors have the opportunity to waive their fee and earn higher percentages by joining the WeeSale WeeTeam! Shifts are 3 hours each.  See the “WeeTeam” page for more information.

 Consignor Agreement

During registration, you will be required to sign the consignor agreement. the consignor agreement can be read here:

I agree that as a condition of consigning items in The Upscale WeeSale Consignment Sale, I represent and warrant the following to be true and correct:

  • I understand that it is my sole responsibility to check recalls on all toys, baby equipment and items I am consigning with The Upscale WeeSale.
  • I verify that I have checked all my items for recall and no item I am consigning is the subject of any current, pending or threatened recall notice according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Each item is in good operating condition and is not defective, broken or damaged in any way. Any repaired item has been repaired by the original manufacturer or in accordance with the original manufacturer’s warranty program.
  • I promise to SEARCH the ‘We Make It Safer’ or CPSC website for recalls of any items that I am consigning.
  • I understand that unsold socks will not be sorted and will be donated.
  • I am the owner of the items that I am consigning and I have full authority to sell the items offered by me.
  • I understand and agree that the Upscale WeeSale is not responsible for loss by theft, fire, water, negligence in handling or any other damage to items I am consigning. The Upscale WeeSale makes every effort to merchandise, market, sell and care for all items consigned. However, all items are left at owners risk.
  • I understand that there is a $15.00 Consignor Fee payable at the time of registration.
  • I understand that the consignor fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • I understand that the Upscale WeeSale, LLC will pay me 66% of my total gross sales via Paypal within 7 days of the sale conclusion.
  • I understand consignor payout is via Paypal. Checks will be issued 30 days after consignor payday if consignor chooses not to accept payment via Paypal. All fee’s will be paid by the Upscale WeeSale.
  • I understand that if items are not fully complete (puzzles, games, DVD’s) and are unusable, I will pay a $5.00 fine. 3 strikes and you will not be able to consign with us at future sales.
  • I know of no reason why any item would cause any injury to another.
  • I understand and agree to comply with the list of unacceptable items, per The Upscale WeeSale website and understand that items checked into the sale that do not meet our criteria will be removed from the sales floor.
  • I agree to waive any and all claims for personal injury resulting from participation in the sale from whatever cause against The Upscale WeeSale, the lessors of the space where the sale is held, any Team Member, or the insurer of The Upscale WeeSale, LLC.
  • The Upscale WeeSale, LLC shall in no event be responsible for the negligence of consignor.
  • I understand that all items NOT picked up during the designated unsold item pickup window will be donated to a local charity!

 It is agreed that this agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina.


updated: Jun. 1, 2019