Step 4: Drop-Off, Join & Shop

Schedule Your Drop Off

Set up your drop off appointment online and make sure you have received your email confirmation!
Consignor Receiving and Drop Off is Saturday, Feb. 23 – Sunday, March 3

Schedule Your Drop-Off Appt


Join Team WeeSale

We LOVE  our team members! It takes a small army to run our sale and our team members make UPWS go ’round! Consider joining the team to shop early and earn an extra % of your consignor sales!

Learn More About Joining Our Team


Shop The Sale

Consignor PreSale – Monday, March 11: 6 pm – 9 pm

Or Shop EVEN EARLIER when you Join the Team.  Visit the link under “Team WeeSale” for more information

Tips For Drop-Off

Your clothing MUST be sorted by gender AND in size order. Please separate your boutique, PJ’s, dance, & swimwear separately. They go on separate racks. To ensure they stay in order, we suggest using rubber bands to tie around the hangers of each size or plastic bags. If it is raining, plastic bags will protect your tags!

Drop-Off Steps

  1. Park your car and come in to the check-in table on your right. At check in, we will give you your presale pass. Your presale pass has all the dates for the next few weeks you need to know!
  2. After you have checked-in, you can take a rolling rack to get your hanging items from your car. Please let someone know if you need assistance. We are more than happy to help you get things from your car! Just ask a volunteer to help.
  3. Clothing will go through inspection and then our volunteers will put out your items. You are welcome to wait while we inspect or you can pickup items not accepted at the end of the sale with your unsold items.
  4. Items not placed on the sales floor will have stickers explaining why they were not placed on the sales floor.
  5. LARGE ITEMS: will need a Claim Ticket (see instructions under Step 3)  These will be available for you at drop off. You will be required to put these on your large items. We will have a large item ‘Claim Tag station’ at drop off. Our staff members will be available to show you how to do fill out and attach these to your items. We consider an item as ‘large’ if it will not fit in a big blue IKEA bag