Consignor Golden Ticket


Spring 2021

Want to win a Golden Ticket? Here’s how:

  • You must have a minimum of 40 hanging clothing items to qualify.
  • All items must be ironed, in pristine condition and order.
  • Follow all the guidelines on the website, without exception.
  • You should have no items rejected for frayed seams, stains, tears, smell, buttons missing, etc.
  • Boutique, PJ’s (18 mo and larger), dance, swimwear, baseball/softball pants & collegiate pulled for specialty racks
  • All items in order by size and gender (this is required for all consignors at drop off!)
  • You are allowed 1 “I totally missed that” per 100 of clothing item.
  • Boutique items that are accepted by our boutique manager that may be “play” quality will not count against you.  If we keep that item, it will not be held against your Golden Ticket eligibility.
  • Wrong season doesn’t count against you!

So what do you win? 
You will receive 75% of your consignor sales; and you will be entered to win 100% of your sales!  1 Lucky consignor will win 100% of their sales!

  1. $14.25 of your consignor fee will be refunded!
  2. You will be entered into a drawing for 100% of your sales. A member of our inspection team will determine winners and you will receive a golden ticket at drop off. We will announce the winner of the 100% of sales award Wed., Sept. 4.
  3. No standing in line!! Come to your scheduled shop time and you will be at the front of the line! AND you will be allowed to use express lines!

It is super hard to win one of these awards – only 36 people won this last season out of over 1000. PLEASE do not take it personally or get mad at our inspection team. They are following the guidelines. Every single member of our staff get items returned each season. 🙂