How to Print & Attach Tags

The Details

    • We prefer you to use scotch/packing tape to attach your tags to your items. Safety pins and tagging guns are also accepted.
    • Scotch Tape your tag to the top of the hanger on the right side of your garment. Make sure the tape sticks to the front of the tag around the hanger and to the back of the tag.
    • We discourage the use of tagging guns due to the holes and damage they can make to fabric if not used correctly.
    • If you choose to use a Tagging gun- please only tag in the garments left armpit where the seams meet, or through the back label tag. Poke the gun through the tag, and then poke the gun through the garment. Please know that if your clothing is damaged due to a tagging gun, we will not accept the clothing.
    • Make sure to NOT poke through the fabric directly- this will leave a hole and the item won’t be accepted.
    • Safety Pin the tag to the top right of the item when looking at the item, or through the back garment tag.
    • As a reminder- always make sure the hangers look like a question mark.

If the item you are tagging still has a previous UPC label on it please cover that with the Upscale WeeSale tag.

Tagging Gun Placement – Left Image; Safety Pin Placement – Right Image