Team WeeSale

 We LOVE our team members! 

What volunteer opportunities are available? Volunteer shifts will open online Jan. 21, 2019 @ 8pm

Check it out here

It takes a small army to run our sale and our team members make the WeeSale go ’round! Consider joining the team to shop early and earn an extra % of your consignor sales! 

We need help with all kinds of tasks: from set up and tear down, putting items out, helping customers during the sale, and breaking down when the sale is over. There are morning, afternoon and evening shifts during the week and on Saturday. There are even shifts for your husband!

Team Member Presale is Sunday, March 10

Beginning at 1p – 9pm

All shifts are 3 hours and working a sorting/breakdown shift is mandatory unless you are only signed up to volunteer for one (1) shift. 


Volunteer Incentives

All shifts are 3 hours and working a sorting/breakdown shift is mandatory unless you are only signed up to volunteer for one (1) shift.

1 Shift

Work 3 hours: 1 shift of your choice =  shop at 5 pm volunteer private presale.

2 Shifts

Work 6 hours:  1 shift of your choice + 1 mandatory sort/breakdown =  shop at 4 pm  +  consignor fee refund

3 Shifts

Work 9 hours: 2 shifts of your choice + 1 mandatory sort/breakdown = shop at 3 pm + consignor fee refund + earn 70%

4 Shifts

Work 12 hours: 3 shifts of your choice + 1 mandatory sort/breakdown = shop at 2 pm + consignor fee refund + earn 70%

5 Shifts - Limited to the FIRST 30 people FCFS

  Work 15 hours: 1 organize merchandise shift, 1 opening night or ½ price day, 1 sort/breakdown shift,  and 2 of your choice = shop at 1 pm + consignor fee refund + earn 75%   


IMPORTANT: If you are working a consignor drop- off assistant shift: Please choose a drop off appointment that does not conflict with your volunteer shift. Schedule your drop off either before or after your volunteer shift, not during it. Email if you are having trouble finding an appointment that is convenient to your shift.

Can I volunteer if I don’t consign?

No, so sorry!

Team WeeSale is limited to consignors only!

 Pregnant Team Members

  • Pregnant consignors who would like to help us will be assigned helper positions that do not require manual labor or long periods of time on their feet. We  also offer our pregnant consignors to bring snacks,  and/or place a WeeSale magnet on your car. You can sign up for the snacks and basket delivery online. Please contact Kim for more information.

Team Member Job Descriptions:

Assist consignors with their drop off items and help place items on the sales floor.

Help at our register check-out assisting the cashier by counting and making sure all items are scanned and placed in shopping bags. If you are detail oriented,  like people and like to talk – this is the job for you!

Direct shoppers waiting in line to open cashiers.

Be in charge of scanning in the items customers are purchasing. These positions are not open to the public and will be assigned by the WeeSale staff.

Pregnant Consignors only – 20+ weeks and over: Purchase 2 – 24-pks of water, 1 Extra large can of mixed nuts, 1 large bag of M&M’s, and 1 mini snack variety packs (chips, protein bars, crackers, etc) Bring them to the WeeSale anytime on the day of drop off.

You will take a pile of similar items from drop off and turn them into an organized and easy to shop display.  If you love to organize, this job is for you.

Place large items and toys to be purchased into our hold/sold area. Assist & answer customer questions and keep things organized on the sales floor.

Return unwanted merchandise & shopping baskets to the sales floor.

SORTING & BREAKDOWN  (mandatory as a 2nd shift):
Be part of the group that sorts donated items and unsold items by consignor # at the end of the sale. The more volunteers the quicker it goes. Save yourself a trip and bring your unsold items home with you!

You will be required to take 10 Bookmark baskets to local businesses. After you have completed your basket drop off,  please send me a list of business with their address.

Team Member Agreement:

  • Consignors who fail to work their scheduled time will be removed from our volunteering list and will not be able to volunteer in future sales. A fine of $25.00 will be deducted from your consignor check if you fail to show for a scheduled shift and you fail to contact us in a timely manner. You will be given an opportunity to make up your shift to avoid this fee. We do understand that emergency situations occur and we will look at those on a case by case basis.
  • Team members must be on time and fulfill the entire shift in order to attend the presale.
  • Please do not ask us to hold or purchase items before the presale. We must be fair and consistent to all our team members.
  • Please keep phone cell usage at a minimum. Please no excessive texting and/or  phone calls.
  • WeeSale PreSale passes are valid for ONE person.  If you want to shop with a friend,  encourage them to consign and join the team of helpers!
  • Available shifts will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will not add additional shifts once spots fill up.
  • For safety & insurance restrictions, children aren’t allowed to accompany you during shifts.  Please understand that these rules have been created to maintain a smoothly run and reputable sale.