Pricing Guidelines
  • Newborn and Infant clothes (up to size 2T) do NOT sell very easily, so price them accordingly if you don’t want to see them again… even “new with tags”. New mommies get so much of these sizes in gifts that unless it’s priced right, they don’t typically don’t need it. It’s more of a want.
  • Sizes 2T and up have more wiggle room with pricing.

You should ask yourself “what would I pay for this?” 

DO NOT price with your emotions!!! Because of treasured memories that you have attached to an item, you will always believe your items are “worth” more than someone else purchasing them. Just remember – no one can buy your memories… you will have those forever. 

Now, that doesn’t mean you should GIVE it away. But marking something just $1 or $2 lower could mean the difference between storing that oversize toy in the garage for another 6 months or not.

Pricing is tricky! How do I price my items???

Follow this guide a and you will price perfectly!
*Note – we do not accept Garanimals brands.
Don’t remember what you paid? Check Amazon, Target or the brand you are researching!
We suggest looking over the graphic below or price at 1/3 of retail price and Infant clothing should be about 1/4 of retail price.

For example:
$100.00 stroller divide by 3 = $33.50
$40.00 dress divide by 3 = $13.50
$40.00 INFANT (size 0-24 mo) dress = $10.00 (1/4 rule)

When pricing items you plan on donating, the system automatically sets them to go half-price!