Step 5: Pick Up Unsold Items

Consignor Unsold Item Pick-Up

Tuesday, Sept. 13

11am – 7p

Appointments are REQUIRED – See your Consignor Homepage to sign up! 

 What to expect at Pick Up

  1. You will park your car and come in.  If someone other than yourself is picking up your unsold items, they will sign a waiver releasing The Weesale of responsibility of your items and any items that may have been left behind.
  2. All unsold consignor items will be in order by consignor number and grouped for easy pickup. There may be more than 1 pickup station, so be sure you double check all pickup stations! A staff member will help direct you to the area of your unsold clothing and items.
  3. Please check our “Missing Tags” area to be sure none of the items are yours.
You have the option to donate unsold items.
  5. Please make EVERY EFFORT to pick up your items yourself. When you send a friend or husband, they do not know your items and more times than not…some of your items will get left behind!
  6. Please, double check all items are yours in your bundle!! We try to be diligent to make sure everyone’s sorted items are correct, but sometimes mistakes are made and an item not belonging to you gets put in your stack.

How do you get paid?

We no longer use PayPal for consignor payment. We have made the switch to EChecks.

It is super simple and when you receive the email with your check, it will give you detailed step by step directions. The email we have on file with the WeeSale will be the email that your check will arrive. 

Here are the details of how it works:

  1. When you get your email, Click on the “Open This Check” link or “Log in to get check” link If you already have an account with Echecks, go next to Step 4.
  2. You will be taken to a check preview page where you can see your check and create an account.
  3. You will enter your name, phone, email and a password (you will create the password, no bank info needed).
  4. On the review check page, click on “Get Payment”.
  5. The next page will give you options for receiving your payment, the “Print As A Check” free option is for you to print the check on your own printer. You can select other methods but there are fees associated with them. Click “Select”. When I tried to use my PayPal account to link to it, there seemed to be a lot of steps and they needed a lot of info. We really suggest just printing and depositing, but it’s up to you.
  6. Next popup, just click on print.

Please Note

While many consignors are able to account for every item during consignor pickup, it is common, given the nature of consignment sales to have a few missing items listed in your inventory report. Common reasons range from consignors entering items twice into inventory, item mis-sorted into another consignors number, consignors leaving items at home, consignors not removing past inventory from their current inventory list, customers switching tags and theft. The Upscale WeeSale pledges to protect your items to the best of our ability and treat them as our own.  While we do have numerous security measures to place to protect your items for sale, we are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.  If you are missing more than a few items, or any high priced item, please bring it to our attention at consignor pickup. Most of the time we are able to help you locate your missing items.


All items not picked up during our designated pick up times become the property of the Upscale WeeSale and will be donated to a local charity.