I look forward to shopping the Wee Sale EVERY YEAR! My first experience was when I was pregnant with my first baby. I was a nervous new mama to be and didn’t really know what I needed, but knew I wanted to buy as much as I could second hand to save and to also get deals on things! When I shopped that first Wee Sale, my son was literally dancing in the womb- enjoying the music and making me laugh the entire time. The Wee Sale is just FUN! I always score the best things and I go back two or three times during each sale and always find something I missed before. I even joined the Wee Team and made friends and enjoyed helping out! This is the best consignment sale in the South! I just wish we could do it all the time! 🙂

Raegan A. – Rock Hill, SC

I have shopped this sale 12 times so far since I was pregnant with my twins. I have also been consigning every sale here since they were six months old and my sister consigns from out of state… it’s that good! You won’t find anywhere around that comes close to comparing with the quality, range, and sheer volume of items you will find at this sale! I tell friends and coworkers it is like Christmas morning to this Momma getting to shop the sale! I absolutely love it! Shop here once and you won’t want to go anywhere else!

Lauren M., Gastonia, NC

Wow! I was already ecstatic about my first consignor experience from having all of my questions answered during prep, a smooth and helpful drop off, a quick and organized pick up, and of course, the sales! I just looked at my seller report and saw that I got a Golden Ticket and earned even more 💰! It was definitely worth all of the time and effort put into the sale!! Thank you to Kim, Christina, and all of the WeeTeam!

Leslie G. Rock Hill, SC

The Upscale WeeSale is one of my absolute favorite events of the year! I have consigned for the last three years and volunteered with the WeeTeam for the last two years. Every single sale, I am absolutely blown away by the organization, quality, and extreme attention to detail that goes into every single inch of this event! I am always able to find extremely nice pieces for a fraction of the price. Everything that I have bought from this sale has always been in pristine condition. I have attended several other consignment sales around the area and absolutely none of them have been up to par with the Upscale WeeSale. Volunteering has also been SO rewarding as well! Every single WeeTeam member is so kind, knowledgeable, and truly excited to be a part of this sale. My only regret is that I didn’t learn about this sale sooner in life!!! It has been such a blessing to be able to provide so many nice things for my little one at such an affordable price. So thankful for Kim, her team, and every single thing about the Upscale WeeSale!

Ashley G. Lancaster, SC

I tell every mama I know about the weesale. I started as a shopper several years ago and have been a Weesale consignor for 4 years now! I never miss a sale. I look forward to it every season and start getting my pieces ready super early. The sale is super organized, the volunteers are so helpful and Kim keeps everything running so smoothly. More than a thousand consignors, thousands of shoppers and it is a HUGE success every year.

Erika P. Fort Mill, SC

I have been shopping at the Upscale Weesale for over 8 years. It is such a blessing to be able to shop for everyone from my 16 year old son to my 4 year old daughter in one convenient place, and find such amazing deals. I love shopping the Weeesale because Kim and her team do an amazing job making sure everything is wonderful quality, while also organizing everything for the easiest shopping experience. I look forward to this sale every year. The Weesale is the best consignment sale around!

Amber R. York, SC

The Upscale WeeSale is hands down the best consignment sale around. As both a shopper and a consignor, I can attest to the quality of the items, the friendliness of all employees, and the overall organization cannot be beat! Kim and her staff are amazing! I highly recommend the Upscale WeeSale!

Lisa D. Fort Mill, SC

I’ve done consignment sales since my daughter was a newborn 8.5 years ago. It has been the BEST way to upgrade her wardrobe and toys affordably, without having to visit all the stores. Plus, you get to work with and for some other amazing moms and shop all the things all at once! The leadership does a phenomenal job of sifting through to be sure you’re buying clothes, shoes, and other items in great shape. I highly recommend it!

Tanisha M. Rock Hill, SC

The Upscale WeeSale is the best coordinated consignment sale out there from start to finish. Everything is so organized you can find everything you are looking for and more that you aren’t! We are beyond lucky to have a sale to shop and keep our kids in style on a budget. Thanks Kim and team!

Nicole H. Fort Mill, SC

I’ve been shopping at the Wee Sale since I first heard about it in 2016. I thought I’d check it out and see but I had now idea how awesome it would be. Every season I find amazing clothes for my kids at amazing prices. I started consigning in 2018 and was blown away by how easy it was. Everything is so well organized! The staff are so kind and helpful. I’m so glad I tried out the Wee Sale! I can’t imagine shopping for my kids without the Wee Sale.

Kelly N. Clover, SC

I have been shopping at the Weesale for years. I pretty much live for this for sale. When my niece and nephew need something I always tell my aunt I can’t wait for the next sale so I get that item. I also love consigning at the Weesale. It’s super easy and the staff is really helpful at answering any questions you may have. If I go to garage sale and the person has a lot of kid items I always tell them about the Weesale.

Edna J. Clover, SC

I can proudly say I have been a WeeSale shopper and consignor. The Upscale WeeSale is THE go-to consignment sale to find anything and everything under the sun for newborns to teen. From outdoor equipment to shoes, cribs to sports equipment, bathing suits to snow suits, holiday dresses to books. The list of things I’ve bought at this sale is long and vast and I could not be more thankful that affordable shopping for kiddos exists in our area. Not only is this is a great place to shop, but as a mother, this is a great place to make money on items otherwise taking up space. I love passing on items to those that will really benefit from it at an adorable price. We are a WeeSale family and I am so proud to say it!

Lauren R. Indian Land, SC

I have been a “weesaler” going on 5 years now! The first time I went, I was HOOKED! There are so many great things about this sale- amount of inventory, organization, how pleasant the staff is, absolutely everything. After my first year I started to consign as well and it just got better. This truly is an amazing group of women whose entire goal is to help out mamas like me and you clothe our kids and buy them all the latest and greatest.. but on a budget! If you haven’t checked out the weesale- DO IT NOW! You won’t regret it and I’m sure you’ll be hooked like me!

Courtney P. York, SC

This sale is AMAZING! As a first time mom, this sale helps me save so much not only on clothing but toys, books and SO much more!

Jessica M. Fort Mill, SC

The Upscale Weesale is the best children’s consignment sale in the York County/Charlotte area! I was a long time shopper at the Upscale Weesale Consignment Sale and always found the best clothes and the best deals. Then I decided to sell!! Season after season, I continue to sell at least 80-90% of my items. And I can always count on great quality children’s clothes, shoes and other items when I’m shopping! You won’t be disappointed!!

Emily J. Fort Mill, SC

After buying and selling in the boutique BST world for several years, I found the Upscale Weesale. It is so well run and I make more money for my time. I don’t have to worry about shipping and it is convenient to know my items are handled with care while at the sale. I almost exclusively sell through Weesale now. I also love that I can find high quality items at the sale to add to their closets!

Dora D. Rock Hill, SC