Our consignors make an average of $400+
and sell items in ONE weekend!

  • Are you tired of those Facbook Buy/Sell/Trade meet ups? Consigning with us = Less frustation!
  • Consigning with us means a BIGGER check with a higher payout in one weekend.
  • You have complete control over the pricing of your items and make 65% (and up to 70%) of the total sale price!
  • You do not have to be present at our sale to consign!
  • AND you get to shop first, getting all the best deals and very best selection before we open to the public!
  • You can sell as many as 350 items! 200 clothing items per consignor.

If you have any questions, please contact us! We are happy to help!

Register To Consign

Consignor profit is 65% and the consignor administrative fee (rent, marketing, etc) is $18.00. This fee is nonrefundable, however; all consignors have the opportunity to waive their fee and earn higher percentages by joining the WeeSale WeeTeam!  See the WeeTeam webpage for more information.

Gather Your Items

Maximum items per consignor is 350. Our customers know they will find mall quality and boutique store brands at The Upscale WeeSale at great prices! This attracts more shoppers – and more shoppers mean more $$$’s for our Consignors!!

Hang, Tag & Price Your Items

All merchandise is priced and tagged by you the consignor using our built-in state of the art consignment software program using VOICE TAGGING! We just made entering your items even EASIER! You can enter your items by logging into your consignor homepage.  Watch the video tutorial on how to enter your items and print your tags.

ITEM ENTRY DEADLINE: Saturday, February 17 @ 8:00am

Tags should be printed on WHITE CARDSTOCK paper. Please do not print your tags on plain copy paper, no exceptions. Photo paper is a great paper to use as well…..and you can find it on sale and in the Dollar Store! Please see Entering, Tagging & Barcode Instructions to see how your barcodes should look.

Drop Off & SHOP EARLY!

WeeSale Consignor PreSale: Sunday, March 3 – shop till 8 pm

You must consign at least 20 items or $100 in merchandise to qualify for a presale pass!

  • 2pm – Consignors with a 65% or higher sell-through rate in Spring or Fall 2022 – consignors will be notified of their status by January 20th.
  • 3pm – All returning consignors
  • 4pm – All new consignors

Want to shop earlier? WeeTeam Members shop one day before consignors!

Only 1 person per pass!   No children, no spouses, and no guests, please!

As a consignor, you shop the half-price sale on Friday night of the sale weekend. We open to the public for 50% off on Saturday morning.

Pick Up Your Unsold Items

You can choose to pick up your unsold items or donate them! It is completely up to you! Please note donate on the tag, if you choose to donate! Consignors that discount their items make 40% more than consignors that choose not to discount their items!

All consignor payout is via Echecks which usually gets emailed to your account within 7 days after the sale ends.

Policies The Upscale WeeSale™ reserves the right to reject any items. Suggestions always accepted! If you think you know a way to make this site or Consignment Sale better….please email your ideas or suggestions! This sale can only get better with constructive criticism. I am always open to ways to “make it better”.