Prep, Pricing, Tagging

  • THE BETTER THEY LOOK–THE BETTER THEY SELL! Please take the time to freshly launder and press your clothing. Wrinkled clothing is a turnoff to buyers! More often than not, wrinkled poorly prepared items go back to the consignor unsold. Do not bring stained, torn, or out of date/style/season clothes. Those items will not be accepted at inspection. An excessive amt of such clothes may prevent you from future consigning.PLEASE
  • HANG OUTFIT SETS WITH THE SAME SIZE PANTS AND SHIRTS …. NO 4T SHIRTS AND 3T PANTS TOGETHER. If an item fits large or small, please note that on tag. See the diagram below for detailed directions on placing tags on clothing. You can also tape the tag to the top of the hanger, carefully fold the tape to the front of the tag over the hanger and to the back of the tag. See Training Videos for extra info.

The Importance of Good Item Descriptions

  • Please write GOOD item descriptions! If a card is lost from an item, the only way we can match it to the correct item is with the description you write! For example, if your description is DRESS,BOOK, TOY this does not help us locate the correct item.
  • Please include brand, color, and 2-piece, if applicable.
  • “New” and “Only Worn Once” on descriptions can make your item more appealing to a buyer.
  • We highly discourage the use of a tagging gun. But…..If you use a tagging gun! Be careful! Please only place in a seam or in the manufacturer tag. The left underarm where the seams come together. Any items that have holes from tagging guns will not be accepted.The below images are the safe spots to use tagging gun barb and safety pin placement.


  • Hanger like “?”
  • We only accept wire hangers and/or pant hangers. Plastic hangers are accepted if the item is NWT and still attached to the hanger.
  • Use a hanger to hang the top, and then pin the pants to the back of the hanger- making sure to attach the pants to the top of the shirt with smaller gauge safety pins so they do not leave holes in the clothing items.
    • If they get separated, we won’t be able to sell your item.
  • A final option is to use 2 hangers- hang both pieces, and then zip tie the hangers together. Please don’t use rubber bands as they can easily become separated at the sale.

Hanging Pants:

  • We only accept Wire hangers at the Upscale WeeSale.
    • pant hangers are also accepted.
  • Hangers should look like a “?”
  • If you prefer to pin your pants they need to be attached to hanger so the pants don’t move. Wire caped hangers work best when pinning pants!
  • Pinning pants to the bottom of the hanger, does not work. They slide to one side and are very hard to shop.
  • If you are using a hanger and pins, please attach the pants to the top of the hanger, secure so they do not move.
  • Pants cannot be folded over the hanger.
  • Clean the bottom of the shoes so they are not dirty.
  • Clean the top of the shoes for dirt and scuffs. Mr Clean Magic Eraser works great!
  • Make sure they are not smelly, run through the wash, if you can, use fabreeze, and sit out in the sun to kill those smells. If you wash your shoes, please make sure they are 100% completely dry before placing them in a ziploc bag if you use one!
  • Find a spot on the shoes to attach a zip tie or you can use a Ziploc plastic bag to secure the 2 shoes together. Use a zip tie if possible! If using a zip tie, Hole punch a hole through the tag maybe even reinforcing with tape if you need to and then attach the tag through the zip tie. If using plastic ziplock bags, you can use packing tape to attach the tag to the outside of the bag.
  • Zip ties can go through shoe string holes, buckles, or the little loop on the back of shoes.
  • There are always a few shoes that just cannot be attached together – like flats or rainboots. For these you can either rubber band or tie the shoes together- making sure they are attached to each other and won’t become lost. We suggest using gallon/2gallon zip lock bags.
  • We do not accept shoes in boxes. So please only bring shoes that are attached together securely.
  • Place a piece of masking tape and place on the bottom of your shoe with your consignor number in case they become separated.
  • We will not accept shoes with scuffed toes or soiled, dirty soles.
  • Bibs, bottles, blankets, crib sheets, socks, hair bows, tights, etc. should be placed in Ziploc bags. Write your consignor number on the plastic bag with a permanent marker. You can pin the tag to the outside of the bag and then place packing tape over the secure the safety pin or just use packing tape to secure your tag. Please do not place the tag INSIDE the bag.
  • Blankets can also be folded & safety pinned together. Pin the tag to the outside fabric and secure the pin with packing tape over it.
  • Put extra parts in a bag and attach bag to the item. Can tape bag shut with packaging tape.
  • If you have the original box, it is a good idea to put pieces in a ziplock then into the box- so no pieces get lost.
  • You can use zipties, or tape to secure extra pieces, just please make sure you use the appropriate kind of tape. Packaging tape may damage some toys- so you may want to use painters tape if there is a risk of that.
  • RECALLS: All toys must be checked with the Consumer Product and Safety Commission:
  • Put wooden puzzles inside a plastic bag, tape it shut.
  • Another option is saran wrap the puzzle and tape the tag to that.
  • Games should be checked for all pieces and parts.
  • Use painters tape on games so that it doesn’t ruin the box.
  • Supplies to have on hand would be: your printed tags, painters tape, some ziplock bags, rubber bands and some packaging tape.
  • Use painters tape to attach the tags to the books.
  • You can tape the tag to either the front or the back of the book.
  • Book sets can be rubber banded together or you can put them in a plastic bag and tape the bag shut.
  • Please clean ALL TOYS, EQUIPMENT, AND FURNITURE thoroughly. A little elbow grease goes a long way. Dirty items will not be accepted.
  • Toys sell very well, we sell 95% of our toys! Little Tykes, dollhouses, kitchen sets, wagons, ride on toys, battery operated jeeps and cars are very much in demand and a 100% seller if in good condition.
  • Toys must have all parts securely attached and be in working condition w/ new batteries.
  • Small parts must be bagged and attached to the main part very securely. If parts get separated it will not sell.
  • Games should be taped closed.
  • Puzzles, books, videos and small toys should be grouped accordingly and put in ziploc bags. Secure with clear packing tape and pin tag to the ziploc bag. If selling a single book, we recommend using blue painters tape to secure tags.
  • It’s a good idea to write your consignor number on all attached ziploc bags with a permanent marker in case the tag comes off. If attached accessories fall off the item, your item will not sell.
  • Puzzles are best sold by wrapping them in clear wrap or placed in a ziploc bag to keep the pieces intact. Tape the top 1/2 of the tag to the outside of the item. Be sure to use a tape that will not damage the puzzle.
  • LARGE ITEMS will need a Claim Ticket. These will be available for you at drop off. You will be required to put these on your large items. We will have a large item ‘Claim Tag station’ at drop off. Our staff members will be available to show you how to do fill out and attach these to your items. We consider an item as ‘large’ if it will not fit in a big blue IKEA bag.

  • We only accept Pottery Barn, Serena and Lily, Caden Lane, Bellini, BeBe Chic, The Little Acorn, My Baby Sam, Little Bunny Blue, etc. Only boutique brands accepted. If you have a question about the bedding brands we accept Contact Us.
  • The best way to package bedding is in the original plastic bag with zipper.No crib bumpers. The AAP Recommends Against Crib Bumpers for SIDS Prevention Even if your set has a bumper pad included, please do not sell it as a set. It will cause your entire bedding set to be rejected.
  • LARGE ITEMS will need a Claim Ticket. These will be available for you at drop off. You will be required to put these on your large items. We will have a large item ‘Claim Tag station’ at drop off. Our staff members will be available to show you how to do fill out and attach these to your items. We consider an item as ‘large’ if it will not fit in a big blue IKEA bag.

Why do we require wire hangers?

Wire hangers make a huge difference in the amount of space
on our racks! Looking for Hanger? Find some at these retailers!

Golden Consignor

Learn about our Golden Ticket Consignor Award

Please Note:
Our Boutique Manager will accept some boutique brands with very small stains since they are play quality and desirable due to name brand.
Those items will be marked by our staff in pink ink. Boutique brands with holes, tears and other imperfections will be rejected.

14-Point Inspection

Double check your clothing items by using this 14-Point inspection guide.
  • 1

    In Style or Classics
  • 2

    Label/Brand (no Wal-mart or K-mart brands accepted – see Brands Not Accepted)
  • 3

    Overall Condition: No Fading, Pilling
  • 4

    Clean, No Stains
  • 5

    Hem Intact
  • 6

    Wear on Edges
  • 7

  • 8

    Underarm Stains
  • 9

  • 10

  • 11

  • 12

  • 13

    Smell, Animal Hair, Smoke
  • 14