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Here are the answers to our most asked questions! Need something else answered? Contact us.

No, unless you want to attend our VIP/Hero Presale.
Hundreds of consignors return sale after sale with their quality kids items. They are clean, packaged and priced right. We check toys to ensure they have all their pieces and are in good general working order, and are not subject to any recalls. You can find clothing from infant to Teen. All in a spacious, well organized facility that makes finding bargains fast and fun.
Generally, yes. However, during some sales offering restocking and will bring in new merchandise for sale on Tuesday morning before the VIP Presale on Tuesday evening.

The Upscale WeeSale is a privately owned local business. We are not a franchise. The owners live and work right here in Rock Hill. We provide a service with benefits for many local families allowing them to earn extra income and spend less outfitting their growing families. We also provide truckloads of donated items to local charities, donate charity funds to the Sheriffs Foundation of York County, and host a canned goods drive for our community.

We host sales twice a year – one week in the Spring and one week in the Fall. 
The answer is usually yes. With between 100,000 to 120,000 items for sale at each event we have several of just about any kids’ item you might be looking for. However we are unable to answer questions about specific items in our inventory because each item is unique and once it has been sold we will not be able to reorder or get any more of them. We recommend shopping early and often to get the best selection and prices. 

We accept cash and credit, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Coin change will be given as long as we don’t run out! There is a 2% service fee for all credit card/debit card transactions.

No.  Because of the nature of consignment events, all sales are final. Please carefully inspect your items before making your purchase to ensure that you have the correct size, that the item is packaged completely, and that all items work.
  • Bring a bag or tote. To help eliminate the use of single-use plastics please remember you will need a way to carry your purchases to the car so please consider reusable bags or totes. We have large WeeSale shopping bags available for $5.00. We also have brand new large IKEA bags for $2.00.
  • Have a list of measurements before shopping it helps to take inventory of what your needs are.  You will find lots of items to buy, with a list you will remember the items that you need!  
  • FAV tip: Take measurements and trace of your kid’s foot so you get the right size shoe!!   
  • Shop without distraction shopping for kids is not easy.  The event can be crowded and sometimes there are lines for checking out.  Try and schedule a sitter or a play date so you can relax, shop, and focus on saving tons of $$$!   
  • Small bag with Cash or Card and license.  Your hands will be full, so leave that big handbag at home and just carry your cash, credit card or debit card.  We do not accept checks and there is a $1 service fee on all credit card transactions, so please plan accordingly. You will need to show a license to pay with your credit card.
  • We check bags at the entrance & exit.  Please do not be offended if we ask to check your bag, we take security seriously.
  • Tag lingo  “REDUCE above the price means the item will be discounted on the last day at 50% OFF.   Black Dot on the left side of the tag means the item will be donated at the end of the sale if it is not sold.  Tags with pink or blue stickers mean that an item is a boutique brand.
  • Take only what YOU want.  Please only take off the rack items you intend to purchase.  If you change your mind put it back quickly so someone else can purchase it.  Pretty, pretty please put the items back in the right size!
  • Waiting in Line.  Yes, there is often a line to open the doors. Many shoppers come relax, socialize or read a book so they can be among the first to get the great deals.  Take this time to meet someone new!  You cannot hold a spot in line, you MUST be present.  
  • Tagging your Stroller – As you enter, your stroller will be marked to show that it belongs to you.
  • Big Items/Sold Area  We have a sold area to keep items until you are ready to check-out. This is only for items you are ABSOLUTELY buying.  You will receive one part of a two-part ticket that you will need to present when in-line to check-out.  We will bring the items to you when you are at the register.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET!! Tickets are a MUST to retrieve item.
  • Check and recheck – Although we inspect items before they go on the sale floor, we miss things.  Most items are non-returnable, so make sure you inspect your items before purchasing.  If you do find something we missed, please bring that item to a helper.  
  • Checking out.  We do our very best to keep lines from getting too long.  We do plan accordingly, however, the crystal ball still does not tell us how many shoppers are coming!!  So be patient and take the time to look at the local businesses working hard to advertise their businesses.  
  • Need help? Please Ask!  If you find you need to make more than 1 trip to your vehicle, we can help.  Just be patient and our staff or a team member will be glad to assist you.
  • Want to shop early?  Come to our VIP Presale Tues. Sept. 8.  Tickets are $15 and will be sold here on our website. How to Shop Early